Harvey Weinstein speaks about wife leaving him: ‘I hope one day we can reconcile’

Embattled movie mogul Harvey Weinstein says of the crisis engulfing him and of his wife, Georgina Chapman, leaving him, “I am profoundly devastated. I have lost my wife and kids, whom I love more than anything else.” After Chapman, 41, announced she was leaving him Tuesday night following a series of allegations of rape and sexual assault against him by actresses, […]

‘Inappropriate’ for India to ‘connect terrorism with Pakistan’, says China daily

India vs China – Military Power Comparison It is “inappropriate” for India to “connect terrorism with Pakistan,” a leading Chinese daily has claimed in an Op-Ed article, virtually negating the joint statement the leaders of BRICS nations – including China’s President Xi Jinping – had issued early last month. Back then, the leaders of Brazil, […]

Trump Approval Dips in Every State, Though Deep Pockets of Support Remain

Nonpartisan political handicapper and former Roll Call columnist Stuart Rothenberg said in a Sept. 25 interview that while the growing enthusiasm gap doesn’t guarantee a wave election, “the potential drop-off in Republican turnout, along with independents behaving like Democrats in the midterm elections, create a significant risk.” However, that risk is minimized in the Senate, where Democrats […]

Don’t mistake new smartphone for Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 Review: The best smartphone ever made? Samsung is tight-lipped on its upcoming smartphone — the Galaxy A-series, dubbed the Galaxy A5 (2018) — but several details, including its key specifications, design and tentative release schedule, have been leaked over the last few weeks. Now, new renders of the handset have been published […]

Which Sounds Better, Analog or Digital Music?

Record players have made a comeback over the past decade. Some of the credit probably goes to the hipster trend toward retro everything, but music lovers often claim records just sound better than digital music. I played my part in boosting record player sales after finding my mom’s old record collection in my parents’ house. […]