Taylor Swift’s “…Ready For It?” Video Is On The Way & This New Clip Has Fans Freaking Out

Fans of Taylor Swift were given a surprise on Monday morning, Oct. 23, when Swift shared a teaser clip of the video for “…Ready For It?” on social media. The full, official video is set to be released on Thursday, Oct. 26. Users on Twitter quickly took note of the epic science fiction inspired vibe of the visuals, with others pointing out how similar Swift looks to Scarlett Johansson’s portrayal of Major Motoko Kusanagi in Ghost in the Shell. Overall, it’s hard to be drawn in by the clip, and fans are pretty much at peak excitement over this new era in Swift’s career.

Exactly two months ago, on Aug. 23, Swift caused a similar social media stir when she first announced that her new album, Reputation, would be coming out in November. It was just a few days later when she dropped the video for her first music video, for “Look What You Made Me Do,” and in doing so reclaimed the snake emoji. Swift then shared a one minute clip of her second song off of Reputation, “…Ready For It” during a primetime football game between Alabama and Florida State. As Bustle’s Alex Gladu pointed out, the matchup had been described as “the biggest opener in college football” by SBNation, due to the universities respective rankings in an AP Poll.

Immediately, “…Ready For It” was embraced by fans of Swift who flocked to social media to share memes and GIFs about their excitement. In “LWYMMD” Swift announced that the “old Taylor” was dead, and “…Ready For It” certainly seemed to confirm the sentiment. First by showcasing her rap abilities, and now by hitting us with insane visuals that has many fans feeling shook. In case you haven’t seen in, check out the “…Ready For It” teaser clip below.

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