The Insane Lengths They Go To Hide Their Baby Bumps – Hollywood Life

Parkas, purses, grocery bags and more — these are some of the bizarre ways celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian have hidden their baby bumps over the years. See all the wild pics, here!

Kylie Jenner isn’t fooling us! Even though she thinks her parka jacket is hiding her baby bump — as seen in a new photo she posted to Instagram on Oct. 11 (see above) — it’s just another example of a celebrity trying to disguise their pregnant belly. In fact, this has been something celebs have done for quite some time now. From oversized purses to carrying large objects in front of their stomachs, celebrities have come up with some wild ways to keep their bun in the oven a secret. To see star like Kerry Washington, Kelly Clarkson and more doing so in the past and present, click through our gallery here! And while you’re scrolling through, see if you can spot the baby bumps. We had a hard time spotting them ourselves.

Kylie and Khloe Kardashian have yet to confirm their reported pregnancies, so we understand why they’re hiding their stomachs, but after a while, the truth will eventually be revealed. Until then, however, Kylie and Khloe will likely continue to post photos of themselves wearing oversized jackets and shirts or carrying large objects in front of their tummies. It’s what most celebrities do when they’re pregnant in real life, but they’re either starring in a TV show or movie and need to hide their bumps. For example, Ginnifer Goodwin had to wear large costumes in order to hide her baby bump in Once Upon A Time. And to accommodate Kerry Washington’s pregnancy, ABC cut down the number of episodes they shot for Season 6 of Scandal, and it premiered later in the year (instead of its usual return in the fall).

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So, as you can tell, celebrities often go to great lengths to hide their baby bumps. To see some of the wild ways they’ve done so, click through our gallery above!

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