Travis Kelce got away with a taunt. Josh Norman made him pay anyway.

Travis Kelce has a reputation for getting overzealous with his celebrations and he almost drew a 15-yard penalty for a taunt Monday. But even if officials gave him a break and waved off the flags, Josh Norman made things right for the Washington defense on the very next play.

Alex Smith found Kelce across the middle of the field on the first down play, but Norman dropped off his man to deliver a huge hit on Kelce that jarred the ball free.

Norman probably wasn’t trying to return the favor when he hit Kelce. The cornerback just saw the chance to make a play and jumped at it.

The Washington defense has been a tough problem for the Kansas City offense to crack in the first half of the Week 4 matchup. Kelce has been one of the few productive players for the Chiefs so far, with 61 receiving yards, including a 17-yard touchdown just before halftime.

Kelce didn’t try to pick a fight after getting blown up by Norman. Instead he gave the cornerback a round of applause.

Kelce and Norman probably won’t run into each other much more Monday, but you can put their second-quarter collision in the cornerback’s win column.


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