Trending: This ‘SNL’ sketch has strong feelings about fonts; it’s time to argue about candy corn

It’s officially time to argue about candy corn. 

@JlTEAGEGE, starting out the month of October with a take on candy corn, a notoriously polarizing candy. People have strong feelings about candy corn all year long, but the debate heats up around Halloween. @nostalgicuItra stood up for the tricolored candy, tweeting: “It’s finally October and I’m here to defend candy corn all month.”

Ryan Gosling, SNL killed it with font-inspired sketch.

@devancoggan, tweeting about the “Papyrus” sketch on this Saturday’s season opener of “Saturday Night Live.” Ryan Gosling plays a man driven to madness by the title font for the 2009 movie “Avatar,” which closely resembles Papyrus. “He just randomly selected Papyrus, like a thoughtless child just wandering by a garden, yanking leaves along the way,” Gosling’s character tells his therapist in the skit. The take struck a nerve with viewers: “ ‘Papyrus’ was the first sketch I emotionally connected to on a profound level,” @brianmbendis tweeted.

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Jay Cutler could not be bothered.

@mikefreemanNFL, tweeting Sunday after Miami Dolphins quarterback Jay Cutler did the absolute least on a play call in the Dolphins game against the New Orleans Saints in London. In the wildcat play, Cutler could have run down the field to at least pretend to be open for a pass, but he didn’t move a muscle. “Even during a football game Jay Cutler’s body language suggests, ‘sitting in a doctor’s waiting room,’” @RoFlo tweeted.

Workplace accidentally posts job description that’s a little too real.

“She can’t find people for these freelance positions, she’s been forced to do all of this work herself, and is currently completely swamped and overwhelmed.”

An job posting, for a photo editor position at Time Out New York. The job description was likely posted in error, as it included internal communications about how overwhelmed someone named Melissa is. The post was later taken down. “Every job description should be like this,” @whet tweeted.