Trump Looks At Eclipse Without Glasses As Aide Shouts, ‘Don’t Look!’

President Donald Trump tempted fate on Monday when he briefly looked at the solar eclipse without his eclipse glasses.

Trump peered up at the sky from the White House Truman balcony, where he was viewing the solar eclipse with First Lady Melania and son Barron. An aide shouted from below, “don’t look!,” according to a White House pool report.

The partial solar eclipse started at 1:17pm in Washington, and reached peak viewing at 2:42pm on Monday. At it’s peak, Washington, DC area viewers, and the Trump family, were able to see the moon cover 81 percent of the sun, according to the Washington Post.

Trump stared up at the sun and pointed at around 2:39pm. Four minutes later he was shown staring up at the sun again, unprotected. Trump was shown initially wearing his eclipse glasses.


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