Valentina Shevchenko on UFC 215 decision: ‘I won this fight’

Valentina Shevchenko came up just short in her quest to win the UFC women’s bantamweight championship, dropping a controversial split decision to Amanda Nunes in the UFC 215 headliner. Many disagree with the judge’s scorecards for the fight, and Shevchenko is chief among them.

She explained in her post-fight interview why she thought she defeated the champ:

“I really don’t understand why the victory goes to the other side. For two takedowns in five rounds? She didn’t hit me with one punch. Nothing significant. Look at her face. Her nose is red from my punches. Why she is still? I don’t understand. Even when I was on the ground, I kicked very hard from the ground position and I really don’t understand why.”

She then mocked Nunes’ leg kicks as weak, imitating them as light while she explained why she had a cut on her own shin from kicking:

“I think that she didn’t want to be in this fight. She didn’t hit this fight. Not one punch. Just like these kicks, these are her kicks. I hit hard. I hit hard. This is the reason I hit hard.”

“I definitely will win this next fight. I won this fight and I totally disagree with this decision going to the other side. I disagree.”

At the post-fight press conference, she reiterated her stance on why the decision should have gone to her:

“My thoughts on this fight…first of all, I respect decision of judge, but I don’t agree with the decision at all.”

“After the first round it was pretty close. Second, third and fourth it was mine. And fifth…all the rounds it was mine. Just one takedown, I think about this, the judge gave one to the other side. Even this takedown, it was only a control position and I was landing more punches from being on the ground.”

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She also spoke about damage again, and had an amusing possible explanation for the shin cut:

“You can see on her face and my face who landed more punches. I had on my shin stitches because, I don’t know, maybe her teeth. It was cut in, bleeding. I totally disagree.”