What Beef Has Prince Harry Got With His Dad, Prince Charles?

Prince Harry has got used to busting royal protocol.

Whether for good (hugging foreign dignitaries, discussing mental health or dating a divorcee American actress) or for ill (who mentioned naked billiards in Las Vegas?) Harry has never been one to mildly toe the line.

His latest protocol-busting habit is to give unprecedentedly revealing interviews to newspapers and websites, a habit which he started last year and has taken up again with vigor this year.

It’s all in the noble cause of promoting either his charitable event for wounded servicemen, the Invictus Games, or in the service of bringing forward a discussion on mental health by opening up about his own struggles in that department.

He has thus far been widely praised for the honest and accessible remarks made in several of the interviews and one podcast. But his latest soul-baring comments, which included what amounts to a stinging attack on his father, Prince Charles, for obliging him to walk behind his mother’s coffin as a 12-year-old boy, were greeted with sharp intakes of breath in royal circles yesterday.

Harry made the remarks in Newsweek in the course of an interview in which, among other things, he suggested that neither he nor anyone else in the royal family desires to be the Monarch.