Wonder Woman Voice Actor Susan Eisenberg on Her “Total Badass” Turn in ‘Injustice 2’

“It was definitely an adjustment,” the actress said of tackling a much different perspective on the character she’s voiced for 16 years.

While Gal Gadot is set to lasso up a number one spot at the box office, Susan Eisenberg’s Wonder Woman is busy throwing down with the biggest heroes in the DC Universe in Injustice 2

Eisenberg reprises her role as Diana Prince, better known as her super-powered alter ego Wonder Woman, in the fighting game sequel. The actress has voiced the superheroine since 2001, when she nabbed one of the lead roles on the animated Justice League series. 

No stranger to voicing video games, Eisenberg’s turn as Wonder Woman in the follow-up to 2013 Injustice: Gods Among Us offers a much darker take on the character — a side rarely seen for the princess of Themyscira.

“It was definitely an adjustment,” Eisenberg said on the gaming podcast Namek vs. Saiyan. “I’m so used to playing her a certain way which is with kindness and compassion, and not that she doesn’t have a mood or two along the way, but in Injustice she’s just a total badass. She’s kind of at war with a number of the characters. It was definitely different, but a departure that is fun to play.”

Finding new ground for a character after nearly two decades is something that Eisenberg credits to her propensity to grow with the character. “I say she’s a part of me,” Eisenberg explained. “There’s just a lot of her that I like to think has rubbed off on me. Especially in that effort to always try to do the right thing, take the high road in life and have compassion. I think if I had played her for six months on a TV show it would have had that lasting impact, but because I’ve been playing for a long time there’s just like an osmosis that occurs. I feel her looking over my shoulder.”

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When asked about her experience voicing video games in particular (she has voiced characters in Mass Effect 3, Skyrim and Ratchet & Clank, amongst others), Eisenberg noted the advancement of technology has had on the process. “The experience has changed because there’s more motion capture and it’s way more involved than it used to be,” the actress said. That said, she noted that she has no interest in going out and “being Soldier number seven” in a game. 

Eisenberg is quick to voice her eagerness to continue voicing Princess Diana, however. “I work on DCU online games regularly as Wonder Woman and, for me, that’s a dream come true. That keeps my involvement with Wonder Woman alive. I still get to do it and I still get challenged by it.”

Injustice 2 is available for Xbox One and Playstation.